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Armored Shield™ Technologies™ is emerging and investing in the Physical Security space. Armored Shield™ has provided design, accreditation and installation services of Protective Distribution Systems (PDS). Armored Shield™ also has custom developed software that can integrate PDS with PON creating a Secure PON (SPON) solution that can secure classified networks for both Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP).


The PDS and PON integration done by Armored Shield™ was the first of its kind in the market. As part of the partnership with Cable Manufacturing Business (CMB), Armored Shield™ custom developed the Armored Shield™ and Armored SPON solutions to meet customer requirements at Andrews AFB. Now Armored Shield™ is taking the concept and the investment it has made to be able to branch out and interoperate with multiple PON and PDS vendors to provide ultimate flexibility to our customers and their existing vendor relationships without being exclusive with any particular vendor.


Armored Shield™ has the capability to leverage its software platform to custom integrate IP security cameras, physical access systems, Radio over IP (RoIP), and other security elements for any customer environment. Armored Shield™ has the unique native skillsets to integrate disparate systems or solutions to meet customer requirements and reduce emergency response times and effort.

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