Armored SPON™ – (Secure Passive Optical Network) History As a provider of networking products for the last 14 year to the Federal Government and the mandate by the President for Green technologies, in 2009, AST found this as the perfect opportunity to develop Secure Passive Optical Network (SPON).  Developed by Cable Manufacturing Business (Now AST) to meet SIPRNet requirements of the US Air Force, secure passive optical network (SPON) integrates Gigabit Passive Optical Network(GPON) technology and Armored Shield™ Carrier PDS Protective Distribution System (PDS). Changes to the NSTISSI 7003 requirements for Protective Distribution System (PDS) and the mandate by the US Federal Government for GREEN technologies allowed for the US Federal Government consideration of the two technologies as an alternative to Active Ethernet and Encryption devises. A directive by the US Department of Army (DA) Chief Information Officer (CIO) that all camps, post and stations undergoing modernization aggressively adopt the technologies, by fiscal year 2013 in order to decrease operation cost and capital expenditures. Utilizing Green Power Reducing Option for Networks™ in Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology combined with an Armored Shield™ Protective Distribution System (PDS) Solution enables decreased operating costs and capital expenditures for all campus, post and stations undergoing modernization initiatives. In 2010, AST first deployment of Armored SPON™ at the Joint Base Andrews for the Air Force Head Quarters in the State of the Art William A. Jones III Building. Armored SPON™ was the only integrated end to end solution that would meet the stringent Air Force requirements of making any user NIPRNet to SIPRNet with no construction cost. AST has created an NSTSSI 7003 Compliant end to end secure communications solution that enables a seamless migration from NIPRNet to SIPRNet without the need for encryption devices and/or Hardened Carrier PDS. Offering all of the cost, space, & power advantages of GPON Optical LAN technology and incorporates an Alarmed Fiber PDS to each user’s desktop. The Armored SPON™ Solution is currently the ONLY DIACAP Accredited system on the market and unitized by the US Army and Air Force as listed in the Governments EITDR and eMASS Systems.    Benefits of Armored Shield™ Secure PON (SPON™) Armored SPON™ utilizes GPON technology to deliver NSTSSI 7003 Compliant Voice, Video, & Data over a secure fiber infrastructure •  Benefits of Armored Shield™ Secure PON (SPON™)– Infrastructure that allows users to move from NIPRNet to SIPRNet without new construction costs– Greatly reduces the number of required desktop encryption devices– Eliminates the need for 24hr PVIs.  (Quarterly)– Green technology. Savings on power, rack space, cable and HVAC requirements  •  Flexibility to change network classifications– Secure PON has the flexibility of switching classifications of layer 2 devices in minutes without construction costs or purchasing desktop encryption.– Pre-provisioned GPON OLT’s expedite this process –  simply– simply relocate a fiber patch cord to the classified network inside a locked/alarmed junction box.  •  Secured by Armored Shield™ Management Server– Armored Shield™ real-time monitoring of physical network security, flexible reporting and alerting of security staff.– The Armored SPON™ solution is a Campus-Wide Network Managed Alarmed Fiber PDS infrastructure, NSTSSI 7003 Compliant Alarm Points, working in conjunction with GPON technology.– The Armored Shield™ Management Server is the key to campus wide end-to-end Alarmed Fiber management / Alarm Points– Armored Shield™ Management Server provides web interface for managing the system and viewing alarms/events– Security Forces can be alerted via email, SMS, RSS feeds, or other methods based on standard protocols– Detailed map or CAD views of alarmed zone are immediately visible within the system to reduce critical decision times for resolving alarms– Can be delivered as Virtualized deployable package– System capable of shutting off user zones based on alarm events– Highlight cable run from TER/CER where Alarm Point is for the zone, to the user desk areas– Linked to from email notification to authorized personnel– Images can be customized to serve security requirements, or updated/uploaded to reflect changes in user locations.– AST offers services to support the local CTTA / DIACAP Accreditation process / documentation.back to top   Armored SPON™ Protected Distribution System Solution seamlessly integrates with all of the following systems:

•  Phone Systems

•  Security Systems

•  Access Control Systems

•  Weapon Systems

•  Surveillance Systems


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•  Computer Systems

•  Medical Call Systems

•  Active Ethernet Networks

•  Land Mobile Radio Systems

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